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Breadscription Reminder
...What is Breadscription?
  We’re so excited you enjoy our bread and we’re so happy to bake it for you! Let’s be frank, though — remembering to order it over and over can be kind of a hassle, right? Well, we have good news! It's called...

bread·scrip·tion \ˈbred-ˈskrip-shən\
1. A friendly email reminder to get some delicious baked goods on a regular basis.
2. Saying YES to a hassle-free life full of kick-ass, awesome, Happy Campers bread — yeah!!!
Sounds awesome — how do I sign up?
  It's simple and easy! Just sign up below to get a tiny email reminder to get some fresh loaves — every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks — and order whichever tasty flavors you'd like. ...And that's it! We just don't want you to go hungry. :)

Please remind me every 2 weeks!

Please remind me every 4 weeks!