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Shipping & Care
How should I store my Happy Campers?
  After opening, you should store your loaf in the fridge if you think you’ll go through it in a week or so. If you still have some bread left by then, you can put the rest in your freezer. Our loaves freeze and thaw wonderfully! Most people usually put their loaf straight into the freezer if they know they’ll want only a couple slices every now and then. Our loaves do need a slight bit of warming/toasting to freshen up, already after a few days after being baked.

We’re proud to say that we take great care to only use absolutely no unnatural preservatives, modified starches, or enzymes to extend the shelf-life of our loaves! We have done our best to ensure that they can still be enjoyed as close to a ‘fresh’ experience as possible. Consequently, our opened loaves can mold naturally after 3 days or so unrefrigerated, and after 1½ weeks refrigerated. If you’re freezing for longer periods of time (up to 3 months), it’s good to use a freezer ziplock bag to prevent too much moisture from getting in and causing freezer burn.

When you’re hungry, you can toast your bread up whenever you’re ready to enjoy a mouthwatering slice! If you want to, you can thaw your bread prior to toasting, but you can also definitely just pop a slice or two into your toaster, straight out of the freezer or fridge. For sandwiches: just pull two slices out of your freezer and toast them up lightly (you just want to make sure they’re heated all the way through, but not crunchy), then build your sandwich with whatever fixings you’d like and immediately put it into a ziplock bag or an air-tight container so the bread absorbs the light moisture. You can then eat it hours later or even the next day, and the bread will be soft, moist and hold together extremely well — perfect for school or work lunches. Yum yum!
Do you ship to my country?
  We're happy and able to ship our bread to any physical address in the 48 contiguous United States! (No P.O. Boxes, please.)
How does shipping work?
  It’s easy! You order, we bake, we ship, you receive, you munch, you’re happy! A minimum of 4 is required. The more loaves you order, the quicker the shipping costs goes down! And, if you're so hungry that you order 10 or more loaves at one time, we'll pay for all of the postage — everything ships for FREE!

Shipping Tiers:

4 loaves:
5 loaves: $7.00
6 loaves: $5.00
7 loaves: $4.00
8 loaves: $2.00
9 loaves: $1.00
10+ loaves:
When will my order ship?
  We ship our bread out on every afternoon in the workweek! Depending on where you live, your order can take 3 (sometimes, but rarely, more) business days to send and arrive, so any such orders made too near the end of the work week will be paused for shipment until Monday. (We certainly don't want your tasty bread waiting unnecessarily over the weekend, and we'd guess that you don't, either!) You should receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number after your delicious goodness is on its way to you! The deadline to order is 8:00am Pacific for shipment the same business day, so if we receive your order after this deadline, then we will have to wait until another business day to ship. (Please take this into account regarding the weekend or holidays!)

You will receive a shipment confirmation when your order has shipped and tracking information, and can always reference this on your order page.
What is the return policy?
  We really, really care, and want you to enjoy your delicious loaves of Happy Campers! Because we ship bread — a fragile and perishable item — we are unable to accept returns or resend your order if it is sent back to us as undeliverable to your address. To make sure this doesn’t happen and you can enjoy your yummy bread, please ensure that:
  • your address is correct (triple check)
  • you can receive mail with UPS or FedEx at the address you entered
  • your package is either consumed and/or frozen before the best by date indicated on the bag lock of each product.
Additionally, please make arrangements to receive your bread on the scheduled delivery day. There is a link to your tracking page (which includes scheduled delivery day) on your shipping confirmation email. We will send you this shipping confirmation email when your order goes out. We ship all of our online orders every weekday afternoon.

Be advised that delivery service (UPS or FedEx) may not ring the bell and may simply leave the package in your doorway. Wild animals have been reported to devour Happy Campers bread without politely asking the rightful customer first, so please make sure to leave your package outside for as short of a time as possible!

Please make sure that all above criteria are met and all information here taken into consideration, as we are unable to offer to resend your order, unless it’s a mistake on our part, of course.